Espresso pot (Bialetti) and which Horizonte coffee is suitable for it.

In many households, the Bialetti or espresso pot is very common. By the way, the name Bialetti comes from Alfonso Bialetti who filed the patent in 1933. This brew method also has a certain Italian or nostalgic flair. People are familiar with it, since perhaps the grandmother has brewed coffee with it –  with the whizz of the steam, or the fresh coffee smell in the room.

These factors, plus the simplicity, might explain its popularity. However, it often provides a very strong and bitter taste experience. The problem is the high brewing temperature which dissolves the bitter substances from the coffee. (It would be best to use it as high as possible above sea level to lower the boiling point).

We have a few tricks to provide you a nice Bialetti experience:

  • Pre-boil the water so that the coffee powder is heated up less by the metal the pot is made of. This can reduce or eliminate a bitter aftertaste.
  • Only fill the water up to below the safety valve so that it can still perform its safety function.
  • Grind coffee coarser than for normal espresso machines. This increases throughput time and less bitter substances are dissolved.
  • Fill funnel evenly to the edge and do not press down.
  • Gasket should be clean when screwed on to prevent air pressure from escaping, allowing fast and clean extraction.
  • Set the stove plate to medium to high heat. Too high temperatures burn the coffee.
  • Drain coffee quickly after extraction to prevent it from boiling.

We recommend our «Traditional», «Floral» or «Legal» for a balanced coffee experience made in the espresso pot. If you like slightly bitter notes, you are well served with «Leal».

All our filter coffees («Genial» and «Fenomenal») are not suitable for this method. These coffee beans are light roasts for paper filter methods only and would be too high in acid, in the espresso pot as well as in the espresso machine.