Pro Snowboarder Sina Candrian's "word of coffee" and Aeropress recipe

Hey, this is Sina Candrian here. I’m born and raised in Flims- a small town in the mountains of Switzerland.

In love with the nature and snow. I found my passion in snowboarding- since 2004 I’m a professional snowboarder and travel around the world. I like to do a lot of different mountain sports- during summer I enjoy to ride the bike, play beach volleyball at our wonderful Cauma lake or go hiking with a bunch of good friends. Of course I have also other interests - I’m an art lover! there is nothing nicer to go to a museum during a rainy day and look at different art works.… and yes every day starts with a good coffee!

My favorite luxury product is the coffee. Is there anything better than making friends with friends for a coffee gossip afternoon? To be comfortable together and to talk about God and the world while sipping a first-class coffee ...

My love for coffee started early. In my teenage years I only ordered coffee ice cream. Later on, coffee with lots of milk became my favorite drink, coffee was part of every learning-break during my studies and nowadays I can declare myself as coffee addict, or to express it more beautifully and romantically: I am a coffee lover.

With the time I became aware of the brand Horizonte. Christoph was so nice and gave me some of his first class beans to try. The package included not only beans, but also a strange device called Aeropress. To be honest, at the beginning I did not know how to operate the “machine” and had to ask Google how to use this press to make a fine coffee. In the short video you will learn more which simple recipe tastes the best for me. 

With a little practice, the Aeropress is easy to handle and you can carry it anywhere, thanks to its light weight - for example camping, long hikes or a day out on the lake.

In a few short lines I confess my love for coffee. I am often asked what I eat when I get tired during training in and off the snow. I abstain from all energy drinks and protein drinks, because I believe that I take enough nutrients with my varied diet. Coffee is a perfect companion and a healthy stimulant for me. Coffee gives energy, wakes me up and accompanies me perfectly through the day. If it is a bit too cold on the mountain, there is nothing better for me than to flee to a restaurant and drink an espresso. Then I'm warmed up again and fit for the next jumps in the park. It's the same in summer, is it not great to sit in a cafe early in the morning, enjoy a fine coffee and listen to the twittering of birds? I wish you all a nice summer with lots of fine coffee!